Consumers are bombarded with marketing messaging daily from all directions and by a horde of technologies and media.  It’s no wonder that savvy marketers are all abuzz about TransPromo.
TransPromo is the integration of transactional information, bills, statements, invoices etc., with promotional information. Whether it is to sell or inform, transactional communications provide the perfect platform to deliver a marketing message.

Here’s why:

  • More than 95 percent of transactional communications are opened and read – that’s huge;
  • Consumers spend an average two to three minutes reviewing each transactional document – 20 percent spend more than five minutes;
  • 62 percent of consumers still consider hard-copy mail to be an important part of the consumer experience; and
  • Consumers demonstrate a preference for hardcopy, transactional communications.

A bonus: by leveraging regular transactional communications, TransPromo lowers marketing costs. It’s more environmentally friendly – eliminating the need to pre-print and warehouse buck slips or other inserts. And, TransPromo readily enables our customers to effectively cross sell or up sell their core products.

TransPromo will continue to grow as marketers seek innovative ways to reach customers.  Gilmore Doculink’s sophisticated Enterprise Messaging solution, advanced tools and technologies and unparalleled expertise is there to help organizations fully exploit the TransPromo advantage.

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