Enterprise Messaging

Did you know that transactional documents, such as invoices, statements and account summaries, have the highest open and read rates? It’s not surprising that with recent advancements in TransPromo and printing technologies the line between marketing and transactional communications is starting to blur.  Indeed, as markets get more competitive, there is increasingly a move to converge these traditional “two solitudes”.

Enterprise Messaging allows organizations to tie together multi-channel campaigns. The benefits are clear: customer loyalty is enhanced, relationships are strengthened and response rates improve.  At the same time, costs associated with development, production and execution of separate direct marketing campaigns are reduced by “piggy-backing” on pre-existing, transactional communications.

The challenge:  how do organizations deal with the complexities of managing their brand and their message along with compliance and regulatory content for the statement, invoice or letter all in a cost-effective and automated fashion? And, how is content managed across multiple touch-points such as email, text messaging, direct mail or web-to-print on demand documents?

The solution: Gilmore Doculink’s web-based, enterprise messaging software gives organizations the ability to control messaging across multiple channels.  Our solution enables marketing managers to readily manage and deliver marketing content on transactional communications.  At the same time, managers can easily target and track campaigns from a single, web-based portal.

Other advantages include:

  • Marketing content is controlled from one central location;
  • End-users define campaign types as well as when, where and how messages are to be delivered;
  • Workflow for sign off, authoring and proofing are all managed through a desktop – no more tables or spreadsheets for each touch-point;
  • Content is all managed on-line and can be repurposed;
  • Purls (personalized urls) and email response can be integrated for immediate tracking; and
  • Content can be readily distributed to call center as required.

With increasingly competitive market conditions and the ever-demanding need to really connect with customers, the use of TransPromo will continue. Gilmore Doculink has the tools, technology and expertise to help organizations make the most of Enterprise Messaging and TransPromo opportunities.

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