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The State of Change

Like many sectors, the variable communications industry has seen dramatic changes in 2020. The initial reaction to that statement may be that these changes must all be negative. That may be the case for traditional print-to-mail organizations but for progressive companies 2020 has essentially accelerated the speed of change. During my 20+ years in this…
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Donor Retention

Retention, loyalty or an active donor…whatever terminology is used to keep a donor engaged and supporting your cause year after year there is no question it is a key driver of the long term success of any organization. Whatever metrics are used internally (ROI, CTA, CPD) there is no debate that the cost to find…
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Non-Profit Acquisition

Once you understand how to target your new donor acquisition strategy your current donor base can provide key information that will assist you in finding more people like them that are most likely going to be interested in supporting the efforts of your organization in response to your marketing campaigns. Different organizations hold a variety…
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Non-Profit Marketing Solutions

Gilmore Doculink is proud to be partnered with many of the most recognized and respected Not for Profit (NFP) organizations in Canada. We deliver a wide variety of services to these partners and one of the fastest growing segments is Cross Media & Direct Mail Solutions. More specifically, how these tools and solutions can positively…
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