Revenue Management

Smart organizations outsource the sale and provision of print, media production and promotional items to Gilmore Doculink. Resellers, employees, a field sales force, agents or other defined audiences that need and organization’s collateral, can purchase product through a Gilmore Doculink hosted Web store or our call centre.  We take care of all procurement logistics – from start to finish.

Our Revenue & Royalty service is nimble enough and well-configured to handle both small and very large programs – including those involving thousands of monthly transactions. Organizations avoid the need to support a large billing and collection infrastructure for low-dollar transactions that can often bog down the receivables process.

Consider these other advantages:

  • Payments can be processed by credit card, authorized purchase order or chargeback to a department code;
  • Marketing credits and other channel reward programs are easily accommodated;
  • Supports sales in more than 14 international currencies;
  • Customers can be invoiced for PO transactions;
  • Collections Management can model our customers’ existing Accounts Receivable processes; and
  • Sales and Use tax and shipping calculations are capably managed.

Gilmore Doculink can also establish royalty payments for product sold.  Royalty payments can provide a revenue stream and help to recover costs for creative, design and deployment of collateral. Our Royalty process is automatic and accurate, supported by a robust Business Intelligence Data Analytics reporting system.

Gilmore Doculink is a leader in the Revenue & Royalty service, specialty niche. We can collect payments faster, shorten the accounts receivable cycle and help organizations make their money work smarter.

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