Reporting Services

Why do organizations find it so hard to get the reports they need, when they need it? Not so with Gilmore Doculink Data Driven Reporting services.  Here’s how.

We offer two reporting environments for maximum flexibility. Our Cognos IBM BI - based, business intelligence environment lets organizations generate reports based on pre-determined criteria.   Reports can then be “sliced and diced” to drill the information down even further – breaking out information by region, or office, or what sales resulted from a recent marketing campaign. Data is obtained via secure, remote web-access.

Our “dashboard” environment is industry leading. Designed to support purl (personalized urls) and curl (common urls) campaigns, it allows marketing managers to easily evaluate, in real-time, the success of a direct mail campaign – print or electronic. The upside is organizations can conduct smaller tests and monitor success on a trial basis rather than launch one large mailing.

What sets the bar high for Gilmore Doculink Reporting services?

  • Custom reports on the fly;
  • Push and pull reporting based on an organization’s unique needs;
  • Daily data warehouse updates; and
  • Globally consolidated reporting for multiple vendors.

From a cost, operating and tactical perspective, Gilmore Doculink Reporting services deliver big.  Organizations get the information they need, when they need it, to manage all their marketing and direct mail programs.

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