Content Management

It’s true that content is king and getting the content right is the mission and mantra of Gilmore Doculink’s Content Management group.

Gilmore Doculink uses a sophisticated Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) to manage all customer content. Collateral products are systematically managed over their entire lifecycle from initial release, to revision management, right through to product end-of-life.

Our scalable infrastructure can reliably manage and control any content and any file-type.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers can choose to access the ECMS to manage their own content; or
  • Customers can send Gilmore Doculink the content directly and we’ll manage the content on their behalf.
  • Workflow and notification tools streamline the process;
  • Checks and balances are automatic and built right into the system;
  • The system notifies Gilmore Doculink of new or changed content for proofing;  and
  • The workflow process notifies the customer to approve or reject content.

The value to the customer is reduced time-to-market but also peace of mind. Organizations trust Gilmore Doculink to get the right version of the right collateral, produced and shipped correctly, each and every time.

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