Electronic Bill Payment & Presentation

Reduce costs and increase cash-flow with Gilmore Doculink’s Electronic Bill Payment and Presentation (EBPP) solution. Gilmore Doculink delivers the entire supporting infrastructure – from customer service to an on-line payment interface enabling organizations to better serve their clientele.

Organizations can offer electronic invoicing as an environmentally friendly option while at the same time saving on paper and postage costs. Cash flow is improved when customers receive electronic invoices faster and then pay faster. Customer service costs are reduced by shifting bill payment to a self-serve, on line customer support model.

The Gilmore Doculink EBPP turnkey solution has two key applications. First, a central electronic repository lets our customers’ Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) access virtually all customer-facing correspondence.

This offers several advantages including:

  • Support call-time is reduced and costs lowered when CSRs can readily access, from one electronic location, the documents a customer is referring in its composed format;
  • CSRs can print, email or fax copies of documents to a customer on-demand; and
  • Content is available around the clock and fully searchable based on key-client information.

Second, organizations can easily and cost-effectively offer a secure and safe on-line alternative for invoice payment with Gilmore Doculink’s bill payment solution. The solution is flexible enough to coordinate with traditional in-the-mail or in-person payment scenarios.

Other advantages of the on-line option include:

  • Customers can safely pay bills on-line by credit card or ACH debit;
  • Cash flow is improved with payments being made quicker;
  • Customers enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access; and
  • Cross-border payments are simplified.

The Gilmore Doculink EBPP solution also lets organizations make the most of each customer touch-point. Enterprise or other targeted marketing messages can be included in electronic communications to up-sell, cross-sell or generate an action or response.

Put simply, the Gilmore Doculink EBPP solution makes it easier for organizations to cost-effectively exploit and maximize one-to-one marketing opportunities.

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