Personal urls & Common urls

Continue the conversation with prospects and customers with creative, on-line technologies such as personal urls (purls) and common urls (curls). Gilmore Doculink offers complete, in-house, resources to develop and deploy relationship marketing campaigns that are built on innovative solutions and infrastructure.

Purls are effective when organizations know the person they are marketing to; curls are used when organizations want to drive respondents to a common microsite and then collect personal information to get to know the individual a little better. Purls and curls are typically used in coordination with a direct mail or email campaign.

There are a number of ways to use purls and curls to support relationship marketing including:

  • Lead generation, list building and opt-in campaigns;
  • Drive prospects to a website or traffic to a tradeshow booth;
  • Conduct surveys;
  • Manage events or seminar registrations;
  • Qualify leads;
  • Build loyalty programs; and
  • Validate product warranty registrations.

Gilmore Doculink can help organizations integrate a purl or curl component into their marketing communications process. If need be, we can design and build a campaign’s look and feel including the GUI (graphical user interface) of the purl or curl.

Relationship marketing using purls and curls enables organizations to carry on long-term relationships and conversations with customers, easily and cost-effectively.  Marketers rely on Gilmore Doculink as the one-stop-shop of choice to design, build, deploy, manage and report on purl and curl campaigns.

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