Measure twice, cut once. Taking a little extra time up front can go a long way to make a project run more smoothly. The same is true in preparing data for transactional communications. At Gilmore Doculink, we invest the time and effort, before any project starts, to make sure that all inputs lead to the right outputs – without hassle.

Our Composition service is a key strength of Gilmore Doculink. Our clients trust our pre-production, rendering, and pre-flight expertise to save them time, money and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Each step is there to ensure the client’s data is in line with output expectations. Do the structures of the files match? Are there multiple data streams that need to be merged?

What makes our Composition services ahead of the curve? We’ve perfected our systems – breaking them down into a two stage process – development and production.

Development includes:

  • Suitability analysis – to assess the suitability of data relative to output expectations;
  • File pre-processing – the steps taken to make the data stream “Dialogue friendly” and prepare files for either the Canadian or United States postal systems;
  • Composition – business rules are applied to turn customer data and content into a rendered print stream;
  • Audits – to generate detailed reports simultaneously with print files;
  • Automation – to tie together scheduling, FTP activity, email functionality, print and mail processing and output delivery; and
  • Change management – to alter course, on-demand, for on-going projects.

Production includes:

  • Processing –  obtaining files from a designated FTP site;
  • Notification – keeping the client in the know, every step of the way; and
  • Reporting – summarizing activity and outcomes.

Our up-front investment to prepare data has a tangible down-stream payoff – customer satisfaction. At Gilmore Doculink we take pride in getting it right the first time and it all begins with Composition.

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